Calici di stelle

Calici di stelle
August 10th
In occasion of Calici di stelle, the event organized every year on 10th August by Movimento del Turismo del vino in whole Italy, SAIO Assisi proposes a special aperitive Sunset on Assisi.

A walking in the vineyards talking about vines and wines, cultures and traditions, 800 meters from the church os San Francis.
The show of the Sunset on Assisi, the colours of the vineyards, the purfumes and sounds of the nature.

17.45 Welcome in SAIO Wine Shop
18.00 The experience begins
18.40 Aperitive under the veranda in the vineyards
Reservation is required

Torgiano - Calici di Stelle
Tasting od SAIO Assisi wines along the streets of the village.