Cantine Aperte 2012 - Wine Tasting in the Vineyard

Cantine Aperte 2012 - Wine Tasting in the Vineyard
27th May - Save the date
This is the 20th edition of Cantine Aperte.

The event organized by the Wine Tourist Movement is the most important event in Italy dedicated to lovers and wine connoisseurs.
On the last Sunday of May, about 1.000 member companies open their doors to a million wine tourists throughout Italy, interested in direct experience in the cellar.
This year Saio winery wants you to experience a day of relax, taste, healthy life and fun in a happy atmosphere.

Wine Tasting in the Vineyard!

A journey to discover wine and viticulture, 3 lounge areas to enjoy SAIO wines paired with the best local food specialities for a en plain air lunch, a vineyard to be discovered...touching Assisi with a finger!

May 27th from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm at SAIO Wine Shop.
Guided tours on reservation with departure at 10.30 am.

Info and reservations
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