Wine for Christmas. Gifts from the Vineyard of Assisi

Wine for Christmas. Gifts from the Vineyard of Assisi
For Christmas time SAIO Assisi wines become more precious and elegant.
Italian quality wine continues to be one of the most appreciated gifts in Italy and abroad.

Wine tells the history and the tradition of its land, it's handmade, it's passion of family producers since generations working hard all the year long following the delicate process from vine to glass, on our table.
A bottle of quality wine is conviviality, is joy to be together with friends and relatives. This is the secret of a gift, always well-accepted.

SAIO Assisi presents its elegant and precious Christmas gifts.
Tailored wooden or cardboard boxes, fine handmade pairings that tell the authentic Italian tradition. 
Handmade fine dark chocolate filled with SAIO Assisi wine.
It's a limited edition. We chose the most awarded wine among SAIO Assisi wines, Legenda Maior 2008, to make this chocolate even more elegant and enjoyable.

For private clients:
Choose the kind of wine you prefer and contact us to have all the details to receive SAIO Assisi wines at home.
It's safe and fast. Shipments are always insured, all is shipped by air.

Companies can contact us for tailored offers and shipping solutions.

Further information:
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